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O U R  S T O R Y 

Creams main focus lies in providing the highest quality services to our patients.

Our focus on authenticity and innovative genetics separates us from all competitors.

Our goal is to fully transform the medicinal marijuana market in Oklahoma, by offering the highest

quality exotic strains, grown with cutting edge technology and progressive growing techniques. 

Allow Cream to introduce Oklahoma to marijuana strains it has never seen before.

Strains that raise the bar.

Our dominance of the consumer’s entire experience, from beginning to end, seed to sale, allows us to offer the highest quality customer experience possible. We take extreme pride in our in-house genetics and state of the art cultivation facility. We invite you to join our family and become apart of the lifestyle that represents the quality we all strive for.

Creams image is derived from Ice Cream. 

An American Past time.

A Social Equalizer.

Something delicious, comforting 

and loved by all. 

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