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Keeping an eye out for key METRC changes

Hey everyone, Cream here doing our best to share important and key changes to keep an eye out for in METRC. With the constant changes, here at Cream we highly recommend staying on top of it.

In conclusion, transitioning to Metrc as Oklahoma’s seed-to-sale tracking system is a necessary step for all cannabis business owners in the state. It is important to familiarize yourself with the system, complete the necessary training, and request Metrc tags for your products. Changes to daily workflows such as purchasing from Metrc-approved vendors, establishing clear naming conventions for products, and ensuring real-time reporting through a POS integration with Metrc will also need to be made. It is also crucial to maintain compliance long-term by understanding inventory discrepancies and utilizing the resources available to you. Flowhub is a reputable provider that can assist you in this transition and ensure compliance at all times.

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